USO liquidation?

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  1. USO already finished rolling their May position last week. I was referring to the June contract. They will be getting margin calls if it falls to $6.40 but there is no way who ever they clears their trades will wait until that price to start liquidating.
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  2. Means a lot more pain ahead for people who think they're buying oil at the bottom.
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  3. Eh... not really. I am a small barnacle. I can hold all year and it wont matter... even if my measly 600 shares are liquidated. I wasn't planning on selling anytime soon anyway and relatively low risk.

    I more so feel bad for gussian :
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  4. You'll lose money because of the contango.
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  5. Contago/liquidation*
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    Ive done poorly overall trying to trade oil stocks & ETFs this past month. I made a tiny win APA but lost hundreds trading UWT DWT UCO USO etc.

    There is likely a trade in oil somewhere but I have sucked trying so I'll hold off for now.

    Pot & casino stocks have been better for me MGM PENN TLRY CGC there's a joke in there somewhere lol
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    How about shorting futures? I thought this is the obvious trade.

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    oil move a point in a blink of an eye. use stops!
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