USNA plunges... why?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by axeman, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. Hmmm..... only been skimming, but the numbers looked good.

    Anyone know why USNA is going into the toilet?

    What spooked everyone???


  2. Hey Axe, don't have a solid answer for you for this stock in particular. But have been noticing many fast and hard slides lately. see NTES,NFLX,MTRX..etc. Common denominator of these are they were all super cheap a year ago = profit taking and many Mo players is my guess
  3. yeah i saw CYD getting hammered with apparently no news.

    seems like over the past 3 weeks the broad mkt may be flip flopping into sell mode, eh? :D
  4. Yeah.... I think its just the institutions doing some profit taking.

    Quite the run up.

    Im guessing were in a correction phase, and then they
    will take off again.


  5. hit a sore spot..I know a trader who accumulated a big block(1mm +) at an average of under a buck..finished selling it a month ago. Needless to say he has taken the rest of the year off.
  6. THAT was a nice trade :D



  7. Thanks for sharing ... just ruined an already bad day. :p
  8. LOL....misery loves company

  9. CYD's up over 12% on >5x volume.