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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by psytek, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. psytek


    Can't seem to be able to compile the TestActiveXClient_VB example using Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition.

    Did anyone succeed in this?

  2. Wait a couple of years, it might go. That's how it used to be in the past.
  3. psytek


    Perhaps its time to rephrase the question :)

    Has anybody converted the VB_API_sample example software to

  4. TGregg


    I never did. The API is pretty simple and the docs are decent, IMO. It's not too hard to hammer out w/o a starting example.
  5. psytek


    Wish I had your expertise ... to old-timers today's programming terminology and structure can be quite baffling.

  6. Sounds pretty easy: could you post the code then ?
  7. Holmes


    same here, grew up on Algol, Fortran, Cobol, SQL and Unix scripting. This windows stuff? Yuckkk

  8. TGregg


    You guys have this stuff all wrong. Lord knows, I hate doing bitblips and all that BS, and it takes me an hour of research to write a line of that sort of code.

    This API stuff from VB is like falling off a log. I'm not quite from the COBOL, FORTRAN days (but I did learn them both in school), but if you know a couple high level lingos, you are all set. I taught a class of COBOL programmers how to write VB (and I will always remember Donna who had big. . . errr. . . buttons).

    The main problems you'll have will be syntax, variable types, and converting from the API with funky variable types like LPCSTR (Long Pointer to a Character STRing) to VB. I swear, in C++ there must be about one different standard variable type for every person on this planet.

    Anyway, go hang out in the IB forums. Folks there will set you straight. VB's not that hard to learn if you already know loops and such.
  9. psytek


    OK. If anyone else is interested in this topic and wants to share what we can come up with please email me privately at A collective search may give better results.

    IB Forums are at IB

    Best regards,
  10. Sounds like you are an expert ..... if its all so easy and fast then why not just write up the code and post it ?
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