Using two computers at once.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by oso, Nov 2, 2007.

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    I would like to run two computers at once. I use Interactive Brokers. Would I have to log in for each computer? The object is to add screens without adding video cards, also as a back up system. Thanks in advance.
  2. Doubt you could logon 2 computers with the same ID... wouldn't you need 2 separate accounts?
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    I don't know if they would allow that either. Is there a way to run the two other than that? One computer would just be for the charting.
  4. Not sure, but check into the concept of "internet connection sharing"... perhaps all computers can be sharing the load through 1 logon.
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    FWIW, I'm planning to start running backups of everything. Two computers with different ISP's, different data feeds, different brokers, different charting software, etc., and load everything on both systems. Having extra screen space is one benefit, but peace of mind is the big one.
  6. I got multiple log ins in Tradestation, all under the same account.

    One for swings, one for scalps, one for automation, that sort of thing.

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    Anek, you have multiple logons with the same computer, or multiple computers? I'll have to check with IB.
  8. Oso,

    I use a separate system for each Tradestation client. Tradestation is already enough of a resource hog as a single client loading two on the same system could be a bit too much.

    Giving all the resources possible to Tradestation alone increases speed efficiency when placing order, especially when using exhaustive automation code and/or scalping.

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    Do they wave the data fees on the second account, assuming you trade 10 RT in each account for the platform fee exemption?


  10. Assuming 3 accounts.

    They wave the fees if you do 30 RT total on any of the accounts or combined, the data fees is multiplied by each separate account.

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