Using TradeStation with other brokerages?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by charliez, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. charliez


    My investment portfolio is on Fidelity. Can I place stock trades on Fidelity using TradeStation? or must I transfer the portfolio to TradeStation?

    Thanks, Charlie.
  2. MogulB


    It's a question a lot of us wish they would have. It's not open platform from what I can tell. Maybe there are some custom software apps that can link otehr brokerages to Tradestation.
    Anyone know?

    They do have a option where you can just use their software and then place your orders elsewere.

    I wish they had a compatibility with REDI+, but then again they do not want to lose the money on their brokerage side.
  3. MogulB


    Interesting. So You think Tradebolt would be compatible linking Tradestation and Redi+? Anyone currently do this?
  4. francis1

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  5. charliez


    Hmm, none of those connects to Fidelity. eSignal does I think.
  6. MogulB


    Does anyone know if anyone else out there also has software similar to Tradebolt? I would be interested to see if any others can do what I need.

  7. Surdo


    Although not as flexible as TS, WEALTHLAB Pro connects VIA ActiveTrader PRO @ Fidelity. You can also translate EL code if your a tech Savy Geek.

    What kind of strategy are you looking to trade via Fidelity?
  8. MogulB


    Really interested in a similar software liek Tradebolt that can take Tradestation data and link to a REDI+ interface. I would think someone out there has developed somehting for these?
  9. NinjaTrader_Ray

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    NinjaTrader can automate tradestation strategies to multiple brokers.
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