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  1. I'd like to use Tradestation as a charting package, but have no desire to open a Tradestation brokerage account. I would buy the commercial version but have my doubts as to the continued support of the boxed software package.

    Has anyone else dealt with this issue and how were you able to resolve it?
  2. I do know that you would save money by opening up a futures account and depositing $5K. Then the monthly cost would be the base fee of $99 plus exchange fees for your data.

    Otherwise I believe they charge $189 or around there (can't check website as it is down for maintenance at the moment).

    I do not know of any way around this short of depositing $1,000,000 and then they would waive the monthly platform fee, lol.

  3. If you do something like 10 round trips a month ( check their website to be sure) the monthly platform is free. The only thing you have to pay for is data feeds.
  4. dupaski76,

    I have used Tradestation for many years. In the past....I used TS for trading equities....but stopped using it....when I switched to Futures only.

    I have programmed many indicators in TS....and I do....for the most their charts. There are some things that I cannot currently do in far as programming is concerned.

    It seems to me....ever since they got into the Brokerage business....their charting has suffered. I need certain data for programming....which TS doesn't offer. I started a thread in this forum....Scalping_My Way with ACV. There is some programming I would like to do in TS....that I can't do right now....because I can't get the data I need for the code. I do know of other programs that can meet my needs....but at this point....I don't want to switch. However....if TS doesn't get their act together....Soon....I just may switch platforms.

    I do Scalp trading and Trend trading....but I am mainly a Scalper....and the TS for my way of Scalping. It is way to slow for me. I tried it....didn't like it. TS....for their charts only. If I was still trading Equities....I would probably trade with TS.

    You could start an account with TS....get their Charting....this would cost less than Subscribing. I know many traders that do just that.

    Good trading to you.

    (in beautiful Seattle)
  5. "I do Scalp trading and Trend trading....but I am mainly a Scalper....and the TS for my way of Scalping. It is way to slow for me. I tried it....didn't like it."

    Could you expand on what your method is and why the TS Matrix Window does not work for you?

    Have you looked at Ninja Trader or other add-ons?

  6. Many traders open a 5k futures account just for the platform and never trade through them.

    Depending on your needs, you could always find a used copy of 2000i and supply your own data feed.
  7. MarketMonk,

    I currently use NinjaTrader....which has the ACV. The Matrix is lacking in the ACV....which I use for my Scalping.

    When I Enter a trade with a Market Order....I expect to get filled....almost instantly....and that just didn't happen for me when I tried the Matrix. Scalping the way I do....I need Speed. I find the Matrix to be rather Stoneage....compared to several other trading platforms.

    One other thing about the TS platform. I learned several years keep my trading platform....on a different computer than my TS charting program. I had many times when TS would Freeze my version 6....I would then have to call my broker to get out of a trade. So....I decided to separate TS from my J-Trader....which I used at that time.

    I finally decided to give TS a try....opened an account with the beginning of 2006....traded for part of One day (about 15 minutes or so) using the Matrix....and Order bar....did 4 trades....couldn't get filled on two....called TS....cancelled my account.

    PM me....if you want to know more about my method....I will show you....if you want to see how I trade.

  8. Thanks for all the responses.

    I've tried a few of the other charting packages. Investor RT while very capable was not very intuitive. I am just getting started with Ensign now, but it seems that I'm spending more time trying to figure out how to use the tools than I am working on actual trading. Almost everything I want can be found already for TS or I know for some relatively short $ I can have someone program it for me. I'm not a programer and it seems that stopping everything to learn to program might set me back more than I can bear to absorb.

    I looked at TS2000i but it technically not legal to sell a used copy of the software, and I have some reservations about how much longer it will be supported.

    Has anyone here looked at the TS data feed vs some of the other options out there? I have been using DTN.IQ with I/RT and now Ensign and think the stability and quality of the data (intraday) is excellent. Would the TS data be as stable?
  9. Hi VT,

    Thanks for explaining why TS didn't meet you needs. I am more of a 5 min bar to 15 min bar trader and do not need the speed. At least not yet :)

    And thanks for extending the offer to show me your method, that's generous of you but I will take a rain check if you don't mind. I have my method and am happy with it. I might need to reconsider once I start trading with size (50 lots and up).

    So far I have not had any issues with getting fills on limit or market orders and have not noticed any significant delays in the data feed (once and a while during some of the key announcements though).

    Trade well,

  10. Hi,

    I am fairly certain that TS cannot be used as a data feed to other charting packages if that is what you were asking. But I could be wrong as new software pops up all the time.

    Trade well,

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