Using Tradestation and trade with IB?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by rolfe123, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. rolfe123



    I like Tradestation and I like Easylanguage but I want to trade with Interactivebrokers. Is there a bridge-program somewhere or is there another solution to this?

    Grateful for advice!!
  2. benking


    from what I understand, there is a program that will make the connection between them for you. I haven't tried it but was also interested in TS with IB. If you try it please leave a post with details of how successful it is in this thread. I'd really appreciate it.
    The program is called TradeBullet and the URL is

    I've (finally, after much aforethought) settled for using MultiCharts which understands EL and ButtonTrader which is a more advanced (but uglier!) version of a DOM like the matrix of TS.
    The problem is the learning curve with ButtonTrader. I find the manuals to be well written yet the possible permutations and complexity of the thing are daunting - much more than the Matrix or the DOMs that are available elsewhere. Which isn't a bad thing, right? The more complex then the more powerful and the more control you have. Its just a matter of learning it.

    I'll post later when I've found out how they work together with IB.
    in case you are interested in ButtonTrader and MultiCharts the URLS are: and