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  1. Hello folks.

    Well we got our down price action on a lot of names that we were looking for and so now the hard part is holding on to the cash raised. As I overshot my target of 7% cash a bit to 10.5% I am on the hunt today for a name I really like.

    Amtech Systems, Inc., through its subsidiaries, engages in the design, assembly, sale, and installation of capital equipment and related consumables used in the manufacture of wafers, primarily for the solar and semiconductor industries. It operates in two segments, Solar and Semiconductor Equipment, and Polishing Supplies.

    Ok so we have a first responder type play here for solar... any growth in solar (oil is near $100!) will be felt right here. We catch this name just after a Steiefel Conf, I know a big broker there and have put in a request for notes or bullet points they do not cover the name. Hopefully nothing bad was said! I think it's market and our luck that this name which checks out on all the stoney metrics oh so well is $16.50!!!!

    ASYS reports any minute this week and it will be a super report I predict so bump right there and they are on a road show so I suspect a bunch of upgrades are on the way. We were down today 5.9% on 57K shares... it's a timely opportunity sandwiched around news flow, a high beta growth name that is trading where it was months ago before a string of big wins... in other words it's a stonedinvesting special. (profit margin 4.5% on 243% rev rise qtr over qtr)

    Check out the relative strength at 50 and remember this name is only $3 or so from a 52 week high. Those $3 are free money if you believe this sell off in stocks will be minor and you believe ASYS earnings will be major both of which I do.~si:
  2. 50 CENTS UP!

    I think we have done a good job for you all today!

    The question is will you still like me after THE WEEKEND!

    So if you're in this name Friday your in.
    In with me.~stoney
  3. daveyd72


    Another great call on ASYS. Great work they blew out the numbers. Wish I had more shares.

    Your ideas are greatly appreciated...

    Davey D
  4. Bam! :)

    No problamo MrD! Not having as good luck with EBIX (down over a buck) but I knew what I was getting into there. This will be up $4 the moment the insider selling lets up. It's a matter of time and we can't afford much more!

    I'll just run my morning thoughts here--


    I do not own VALE now it is the world's most frustrating stock. The stock price has been at $29 for ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DAYS. Sure it drifts up and down but that's the average... imagine being clued in to the whol reflation thing, being clued in to the growth of Brazil and being perfectly situated with a raising price for your product scenario, imagine all of that and your stock price does not move.

    I have gone over and over the books of VALE and I can say with a straight face if I were a businessman there is no other business I would rather be in... even when the world is caving these guys are a free cash flow machine. If I buy again here I'll flush the numbers out more but the big bugaboo here is the aPpreciation of the real to the Dollar and how that affects their bottom line-- expenses in real, sales in dollars subtract the difference... now that the dollar is showing small signs of stability once again we can look at this mining powerhouse and ask a few questions (1) does the China idea slow here? (2) does the dollar drop a lot further... opposite that is the info that VALE has on order a bunch of super tankers that will increase their shipments to China substantially. My gut says in this M&A environment VALE will make a big purchase that will be good for the co... so the question is when to buy this powerful SA name.

    LLEN- We have used these guys twice before for good gains so going to the well for a third drink is always problematic. However we have insider buying and we are in the right sector Coal in China and have the added benefit of actually being an American company with all interests in China!

    LNG- Don't get me started here folks, I rang up the hedge fund and pitched this in a big way about $1.40 ago. This is the type of name you can't get past an account manager anymore just too much debt and too little opportunity. YET there is a LARGE NAT GAS story developing here with a pipeline and ships and reselling of LNG and permits and China there are a lot of moving parts here and on top of that the type of company that will drop a secondary at a moments notice...

    Yet up it goes non stop. I stewed on this all weekend. Pissed.

    A couple names we already own and that have been profiled in earlier threads are of interest right now.

    GOK- This is our 3D seismic play with a low float that is branching into shallow shale and showing these guys how to find more oil and gas. We bought at $6.50 I believe ($6 something) It just got a price target hike up to $11 !!!! And she's on the move.

    AVNR- Yes our can't stop laughing can't stop crying stock. I am very happy with the way this name has been trading. No I did not sell any of a large position I am more convinced than ever on the status of this baby bio and the liklyhood that they get bought very soon.

    DCTH- This was our other big bio play for Nov Dec a time in which we anticipated the overall market to retreat some. In at $7.50 revving now at $10.00. This is a $13.00- $26.00 stock in my view, I realized that's a wide spread but it's based off go it alone vs rumors of BMY buyout.

    My favorite new idea now is

    NNBR- These guys make roller bearings for a ton of stuff and it's a typical under the radar SI type name with a whole bunch of good chart action. ~stoney
  5. ASYS having a VERY strong day!

    Now $21.50 up some 8%.
    Up $5 grand or so in a down market not bad eh?
    If the market turns up this week this one could really fly. ~stoney

    Amtech Systems (ASYS) reversed early losses and rallied 6%. The stock cleared a short consolidation Nov. 15 but quickly gave up gains. It climbed for the sixth straight session Friday. Amtech makes equipment for the semiconductor and solar markets. It's posted profits for four quarters in a row, with sales surging by triple digits in the past two quarters. Domestic mutual fund ownership has grown for four straight quarters.
  6. SELLING our dear ASYS @ a little over $23.00.

    Considering they sell into solar sector this run must be taken.

    We have made $4,550.00 since the start of this thread and only outlayed 700

    With this money I am supposed to book an April trip to Nevis. I sort of nodded when my wife reminded me... but there's just one more name I'm eyeing for today... I wonder if she'll kill me if I roll the dice here...

    Your Welcome Everybody!~stoney

    Folks I'm in a rush so I'll just drop this here. My plan is developing I think.

    Seattle Genetics I've known for many years. i had many times i thought of buying at $8 & $10 alas those days seem to be long gone. At $16.00 and with an Oct high of $17 I really don't think this name has gotten away from me in biotech terms.

    I'll do a cover piece at some point but in it's most basic sense think of SGEN as a competitor for DNDN. That's my hope anyway. Some benign good news will come out this weekend I think and I'm hoping authors begin comparing SGEN's product to DNDN's. If that happens we have a chance at a quick move next week.

    It's worth a gamble because it's a good name. My eventual fall into stock I'm starting to realize might be REDF from India... chart the recent move explosive in nature and see at $4.50 a damn good investment.

    That's my goal stock for next week.
    Have a nice weekend! CRUSH REDSKINS

    :) ~stoney