Using The Darvas System

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  2. Why not?
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  3. toby


    Notable Darvas Breakouts as at 23 Nov, 2010:

    CSTR, DDS and MWW.
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  4. So, were you trading the last 5 years or what? How did the Darvas system do?
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  5. toby


    Notable Darvas Breakouts: DIN, IJT, IWP, PSI, PWO, PXQ, SAM, VBK, VSH, WBC and XSD.
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  6. toby


    Notable Darvas Breakouts: BW, EMG, IGOI and THRX
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  7. traderhf



    I read on the Darvas system but never followed up - as I primarily trade futures. I am curious though how has the method worked over the last 5 yrs (assuming you have been trading it for last 5 yrs)

    How many hits, misses, % gains, % losses and drawdown - if you care to share.

    Thanks for your thread.
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  8. deaddog


    Although the above stocks are breaking out of a box formation, I wouldn’t consider any of them Darvis stocks as they don’t meet the fundamental criteria that Darvis required.

    Only EMG is approaching an all time high and it’s a fund, not a stock.
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  9. toby


    Notable Darvas Breakouts: BAS, GET, KKD, NOG and RES.
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  10. toby


    Notable Darvas Breakouts: AEZ, LULU, MCHX, PGH, SSYS, TIBX, VIT and WLK.

    Notable Repeat Darvas Signal: ARM, NEWP and SMSI.
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