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    Colume A


    Colume B

    HHV(H,250),-1) > 2*LLV(L,250)

    Colume C


    colA=1 AND colB=1 AND colC>5

    P/S: I am not a MetaStock Coding Expert; although the above exploration can list the 'potential' Darvas Stocks as well but I think someone with more experienced surely can come out with a better code. Looking for sharing here, thanks!
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    Hi Mike,

    What I do is this....when a bottom is firmly established, I set a margin of 1% below the bottom. As long as it doesn't dip below this figure, I would consider the box is still intact. This is the reason why LUB showed in my scan.

    I try to keep things simple in my "1st version" of Darvas Trading System, am also thinking to add volume as a criteria in future to further refine this great technique.

    I am unable to automate the scanning process at this stage, it takes me more than 3 hours to scan for the NYSE Darvas Stocks. Hopefully I can come out a better scan code in near future, then I can cover for more stocks.
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  4. Thanks for your help Toby!

    However I got this error message:

    Column B Error message:
    Extra or invalid use of ',' or ')' character(s)

    Column B is:

    HHV(H,250),-1) > 2*LLV(L,250)

    I got same error message with typing this:

    (HHV(H,200),-1) > 2*LLV(L,250)

    Any help?

    Sorry for my ignorance :(

    PS What can i do to add some high volume rule?
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  5. Toby:

    I saw your note about scanning.

    For what its worth, I use Amibroker for end of day scans and use it to download end of day data for free from Yahoo.

    I have built some fairly simple formulas to do the scans and it scans my ticket list (about 8000 stocks from nasdaq, nyse, amex) in under 5 minutes. I also like the fact that I am quickly able to change critiera via their programming langugue (looks similar to the Metastock code from the last reply), for instance I can quickly remove or add a volume criteria or something else.

    Not sure what you use or if it is a connection speed issue but 3 hrs for just NYSE sounds really really slow.

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    Aha....typo mistake!!

    The correct one is

    Column B

    HHV(H,250) > 2*LLV(L,250) :p

    Try to add this volume>500 in your filter for high volume rule.
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    Breakout buy signals given on these stocks:

    CIG, EOG, HOS and LSI
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    Hi Mike,

    I am using Metastock and Reuters DataLink as my EOD provider. The downloading and scanning process normally will take me around 40 mins to get a list of 'potential' Darvas stocks.

    Because I am unable to write a good programming code, then I have to manually to look for the right candidates. This human work is very time consuming.... :mad:

    I am still looking for someone more experienced to help me solving this problem. :confused:

    Will consider your suggestion to try Amibroker, many thanks!
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