Using Statistics To Gain An Edge

Discussion in 'Forex' started by TheRumpledOne, Apr 16, 2009.

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    I use statistics to gain an "edge".

    This helps me DRAIN THE BANKS on a regular recurring basis.
  2. sjfan


    What the hell is "DRAIN THE BANKS"?
  3. If you were "draining the banks"...
    You wouldn't be posting that crap here.
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    "DRAIN THE BANKS" is just a rally cry to inspire forex traders to take money from the banks.

    The fact that I drain the banks is exactly why I have the time to post.

  5. DTB, what other statistics you have? few years back, i was following your thread in FF or TSD and you have an indicator showing the number of bullish or bearish successive candles. It was interesting. Do you have this indicator to post?. Also, i am interested to know what other statistics you are doing other than what you showed here in this thread. I believe you have a very good system.
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    Hello TRO, can you please explain the stats that you have on your chart. I am finding it difficult to understand what those numbers and headings above the numbers mean. Thanks
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    Love the T-shirt man! Do you sell them?
  8. Yes, that is the ONLY thing I sell...
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    so you drain the banks on regular basis and run a little T-shirt business on the side..

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