Using Smartphone as a hotspot for my laptop

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  1. I am in a hotel this week.
    The hotel wifi is pulling 3 down and 1 up.
    I decided to use my cellphone as a hotspot.
    The cell phone (Iphone7 using T-Mobile) is pulling 40 down and 21 up.
    I can see the Network settings on my laptop and it says I am secure and connected.
    But I am still pulling 3 down and 1 up on my laptop.

    Why am I not able to use the speeds from my cellphone, if I have a secure connection?
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    Try this out. It is free up to 2 gigs a month I think. You can hook up to both connections at the same time. The VPN might solve your speed problem.
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  3. gaussian


    Carriers can generally detect when you're running your phone as a hotspot and limit bandwidth because they control the phone.

    Additionally you have to consider signal - what frequency are you on? Do you know if there are other routers or hotspots in the area that have the same frequency? You can "pile up" and end up with lower speeds due to the noise.
  4. ZBZB


    Disconnect from the hotel WiFi and connect to your hotspot. Click on the WiFi symbol.
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    2019 and hotel wifi is still slacking....geez. hopefully in 10 years the entire globe will be completely wifi free with highest speeds ever known.
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    Yeah, Forget the Hotel network, it's obviously back on that, it switches to what it thinks is the best signal, stupid windows 10.
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    I think, you can disconnect from the WiFi and after that, again, connect to your hotspot. To do this action, you should click on the WiFi symbol.:thumbsup:
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    I use my LG phone (Tmobile) all the time to power my two 17.3" ASUS laptops...I watch all 8 of my various trading accounts when not in my trade office. This is very reliable for me and I don't ever have issues when in decent coverage parts of the world.
  9. DaveV


    But I am still pulling 3 down and 1 up on my laptop.[/QUOTE]

    Most probably you are still connected to the hotel WiFi, not you phone.

    The carriers can detect that requests are coming from the laptop and not the phone because the browser request includes a UserAgent field that indicates the the source device and/or Operating system. Get a browse utility that disguises the laptop browser as an iPhone browser and the carriers won't know.
  10. gaussian


    QoS traffic shaping is industry standard. Deep packet inspection looks at the content and protocols, as well as request and response URIs and data payload. Most mid-grade commercial routers and firewalls can perform this kind of inspection, and I'd put money on both the hotel and the ISP running the top of the line.
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