Using Short absorption execution time as a guage

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  1. Hi,
    Was wondering if you guys noticed,

    the faster your shorts are executed in the market, the more likely that particular stock will be going up,

    When the market is about to fall, you start seeing market makers delaying your short orders like 2-6 minutes where as if its going up, its almost instant short execution 5-10 seconds.

    If you noticed your shorts was executed in almost a market buy order fashion, quickly buy to cover and reverse to long
    Whats your thoughts on this


    It is true. We used to have a system that would send a buy or short order for a small amount of shares and we would measure the time that it would take to get filled. Then we would send a lot bigger order to the side that would have the worst fill. It worked pretty good!
  3. The guy who trained me as a trader used to say "if its to easy to short then it ain't worth being short" true. When they are lifting your offers like water you better cover and go long.....
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    I also agreed, it's true.

    It's your Broker's doing this on your trade.

    They wait and see or hold your order, to see
    which way the market is going to go.

    If it's not good, they'll give it to you quick.

    If it is good, they hold it up a few last seconds
    and step in front of your order. We know, we call

    Most Broker are all doing this, they just can Win honestly
    like we are doing.

    Love all you honest Trader's, just keep winning.

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