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    after a long journee I found a realtime scanner it it looks that is the correct tool for me.

    I daytrade and swingtrade stocks.

    Trades will be done with IB TWS supported by Multicharts charttrading.
    Stops will be trailed automatic.

    The scan results will be evaluated by myself (chart pattern)

    I like to trade retraces in trends and use 1-2-3 entries/setups

    Key for success is disziplin and I use bracket orders meaning togehter with entry a stop and target is set.

    In this case I have a fixed risk and this is very evident.

    The rest is done by autostop trailing.
    No more undisziplined emotion.

    lets start and enyoy our journee.
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    found with scanner

    trailed auto
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    stopped out finaly but a nice trade.
    This is what stops are for.

    I am statisfied cause i followed strict my rules

    This is the way to get
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    new sanner results
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    they is another scan.
    Intersting also sector rating with stocks in all sectors
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    some new results
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    actual one
  9. Hallo,

    I am looking for free software similar to quotracker. Do u have any ideas?

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    take a look
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