Using Radianz to Decrease Forex Execution Delays

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  1. We work with a trader in the UK who trades forex for our clients via MT4 using a proprietary non dealing desk feed. The problem is that his ping times to the server are around 400 ms.

    A few months ago, a guy at TradeBolt told me that we could pay Radianz around $1000+ a month to execute through some high-speed private gateway that will reduce these ping times.

    Is this possible? I have never worked with Radianz before. Can anyone shed light on this subject?


  2. Scam.

    Either co locate a server in US to run the automated system there.


    Upgrade the internet connection to have a better route to the server. I ping around 100ms from canada to So that might be close to the lower end of possible ping times you can get over the pond. Since a trade signal must originate from him personally. There is _NO_ way to get orders to the exchange faster than this lower threshold for transmitting times from the UK to the US. For about 800$/mo you can get a dedicated fiber optic line here in canada, depending on the provider / location that can greatly improve latency times. That is probably unneeded, do some research and look at different retail or business ISPs, there is no reason why a 50$/mo connection cant ping close to the lower limit. Ask them to ping the different exchanges / brokerages for you before you sign up.
  3. Hi walter, thanks for the info. He's not in London. He's in a pretty rural area of East Sussex, so that might be a big factor. Don't know if he'll have access to a dedicated fiber optic line from where he is - or else I would gladly pay the $800 a month. I'll check with the ISP's.
  4. a fiber is overkill for anyone trading by hand

    I upgraded to fiber to drop my ping time to the broker from 40ms to 12ms for my automated system. I think his priority should be getting the ping down below150. which a decent broadband connection through a ISP which routes well to the US should do.
  5. How do you determine who's a good ISP? Do you give each ISP that you're considering the IP address of the broker's server and ask each to ping it? How do you know that what they're telling you is the truth? Isn't what matters the ping times from the trader's computer to the broker's server instead of from the ISP's computer to the broker's server? How can a true test be performed with each ISP if the pinging has to occur from the trader's end?
  6. depends on the type of ISPs. if you share bandwidth with your neighbours then the ping time could be very different from the ISP server. if you dont it should be pretty similiar. They probably wont lie to you because they know as soon as you find out your ping isint good enough, you'll change ISPs. A easy way to find a good isp is to ping from computers of friends and neighbours to find a good connection.
  7. A few traders have suggested ISDN as an option.

    I know that it is availalbe where my trader is located, but I don't know what the ping times will be reduced to if we go with it or if it has enough bandwidth to handle the load.

    Any ideas?
  8. Dan,

    A private line from Radz or anyone else would definately help the connection speed, depending on the location of both the source and the destination, you shoudl be able to manage the time down to atleat 1/4 of that (say 100ms) without issue. A LON to NYC fiber connection is 36ms.

    Now before everyone jumps up, I don't suggest that he get a fiber line but either move the trader or up the line.

    How he can keep a feed from a non-dealing desk with 400ms ping time and not getting shut off is hard to understand. He must get booted off all the time.
  9. RapidFireFX, are you in the UK?

    I thought about fiber from the UK to the US, but don't know if it's possible from the rural part of the UK the trader is located. Any idea what's the best way to research availability and price for something like this?

    Sorry for all the questions.
  10. No I am US based but very familiar with the connections. PM me and we can discuss.
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