Using Options lab for futures options

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  1. Now you are able to configure it to analyze futures option, here is a brief summary of new features.

    1. Show futures options expiration date and time at top with 15 months out. Before it show date only and was only for stocks.

    2. Allow changing range and precision for FX futures options. Before the range was set at -+40% and precision was set to 2. Now you can specify range anywhere from 1% to 100% and set precision up to 6 decimal point, i.e. for JPY/USD futures options.

    3. Calculate risk/reward points and do charting based on the new range.

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    See attached image:
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    What are the symbols for options on futures? Thanks for adding this feature.
  3. The Options Lab does not provide data for options on futures.

    Please use the Offline section to enter the data manually, the Options Lab will fill in rest of section and analyze the strategy.