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    I been using omnitrader for little bit now is there anybody who is using it and how you outcome has been,and also can you help me spot better trading opportunity. I been using the end of the day data stock version I get twenty minute delay quote. I try update my list of stock every twenty minute if I can but sometimes it doesn't work out like that.I use chart assistants I use trendlines short and medium and also fibonacci retracement,dmi-c, vty-b.also volume climax to predict buy and sell signals.Is it good make update after 10.30 and keep update every minute will that give me good buy and sell signal for rest of the day or should try something else,and also which model is good to us during the day edmagic,breakout,master,swing or just make up your own model. I been get stock information from freerealtime and also clearstation and also hardrightedge and lot other but sometime the best opportunity with stock information come in the morning sometime when alert come in afternoon it come to late do anything about it been log down information in my notebook and notice that if there move in the morning it will continue rest of trading day up or down sometime it does.I would really appreciate all your help.
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