Using Oanda - What charting do you use besides Oanda's ?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Kastro_316, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    For people who use Oanda, or know the answer to this, what is the best Free charting service I can use for FOREX?

    I dont like Oanda's charting, so I would rather use my own.

    Any advice?
  2. cstfx


    try metatrader4. you can get demos from all over the place (strategy builder keeps it alive for a year, not 30 days). while it is not tick for tick w/oanda because they are different vendors, it is good for charts 5min or greater. you can do a sh tload pf studies on it. it's even good for those using ecn's if you are longer at time frames of 5+ minutes.
  3. Yes, I look at 1 hour and 1 daily charts, so Metatrader4 will do ok?

    So do you mean if I go through strategy builder, its alive for a year insted of going through the metatrader 4 website?
  4. TGM


    Ensign comes with a fast forex feed. Try it out free for a month.
  5. cstfx



    Download the software from them and sign up for the demo thru the platform.
  6. Hi.
    I use this to verify the quotes before doing a trade.

    It doesn´t need installation, s´free and runs both on my Mac and Windoze.
    Those guys should charge money for this, however I am happy that they don´t
  7. GaryN


    GFT has some pretty nice charts which you can use off the demo. Quotetracker now can feed off EFXGroup data but there is no backfill so you have to keep your charts running around the clock to keep them up to date. Hopefully Quotetracker will hookup with a forex feed with backfill before too long.
  8. mangudai


    I just downloaded a trial of RightEdge. It's a charting and backtesting package. Version 1.1 supposed to support autotrading with Oanda if you have an API account.

    It's currently in beta but worth checking out.
  9. "Ninjatrader" has everything for free. You get an advanced trading and chart application for nothing.
    Take a look at their demo-version too (which for example offers range bars), but be careful, it's still buggy! So don't use it yet (it is really a pain still, has a memory leak and is generally very slow), but the next update will maybe fix some of its most annoying bugs.
    The release version is ok for use, but it's not perfect of course and has its annoyances too.
    You will need a serial number (unlimited full functional demo), which is the same for everyone.
    Programming in NJ though is unfortunately for absolute experts only. It's C#, which is a pain for traders who only want to trade and just need some custom indicators now and then.

    Then there is "Multicharts", a nice Tradestation clone, which is not free. Its quotemanager is buggy, for example. Maybe you may do a trial first. I currently use and begin to like it, maybe I subscribe to their forex platform, which is "MCFX". It has 6 years of tick history and an excellent programming language. I don't know if it's full of the same bugs like Multicharts.

  10. mangudai


    A problem with MCFX is that it can't store history data on your harddrive. So whenever you start the program or change timeframe it has to download everyhing again from FXCM. That makes it completely useless for intraday trading IMO.
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