Using Ninjatrader with Non Supported Brokers

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Bond Trader, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. Does anyone have experience with routing orders from Ninja to a port rather than a supported Ninja broker?
  2. Yes...and NT are one great pain in the butt.

    So...what did you wind up doing?

  3. I was asking / am looking for someone who has connected Ninja to a non-supported broker preferably via FIX.
  4. corbel


    NT claims they can connect to a hundred different brokers. I'm curious as to 1) which they can connect to 2) how you know they don't connect to yours

    As of now, I can't find a list of brokers that they connect with, so I'm entirely unsure if someone's managed to port it to your broker (or mine)
  5. You can look into creating a TT adapter look alike and than quick fix can be used to pass orders though but the 2 way message back and forth is harder to duplicate but there is a solution to make this happen.
  6. Thank you WT for your suggestion. I'll look into this route.
  7. Have you asked Ninja Trader support?
    Other possibilities are Trade Commander or Trade Bullet.
  8. Ninja trader support simply says its a non supported function. I'll look into Trade Bullet. ty for your suggestion.
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    I believe this refers in part to the ability to connect to Pats or TT, which many brokers have available.

    I have a similar problem, I would use Ninja w/ TT but my clearing firm (who I have to clear with) doesn't support Asian or LME markets via TT. The only way to get access to these markets is to connect directly to them via FIX, but not being a programmer, I don't have the ability to do this. If anyone finds a solution, I'd be willing to pay a programmer the going rate to get this done.
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