Using my TV as a third monitor?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Gcapman, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Gcapman


    Can anyone tell me if this can be done....?

    My TV is a little older -- it only has the red and yellow inputs...

    Thanks in advance......
  2. May be hard.

    It sounds like you have the RCA connector

    The yellow is the video and the red is audio (mono). Most video cards nowadays won't provide the RCA output. Unless you can find some older video cards.

    The other issue is resolution. Sounds like you may have an older TV (judging from RCA input only). Most likely not Hi-Def. If it is 640 X 480, you probably would not like how the computer display looks on your TV.
  3. Why? You can get a used CRT for free. Check craigslist, tons of people post adds that say come pick it up or maybe $5 if they are being greedy. Though they are big and bulky, traders were fine with them 10 years ago. Heck I bought all of my late edition Dell LCDs off craigslist for an average of $45 each.
  4. Pekelo


    You need a VGA to RCA converter:

    But be careful...

    ---Use this cable to hook up a PC or Laptop to a HDTV type monitor or projector.
    ---Before you buy this cable to hook up your PC with your TV please read the following:
    In order for this cable to work, the markings on your TV must be RGB. You will have to look closely to read this or find it in your TV manual. If it is Pr,Y,Pb it will not work. You will find these markings next to the red, green and blue connectors on the back of your TV. Remember, they must be marked R,G,B.

    You might need a PC to TV converter box:
  5. I don't think this device would work. CCapman said his TV has a yellow connector, which is a composite video connector not a RGB component video connector. ("RCA" is the name of the connector form not the signal type it carries.)

    On the other hand, this one may work.

    But I agree with redondoman. It might be simpler to pick up a CRT for cheap (or another used LCD monitor) to use instead of the TV. Remember the issue with resolution besides hooking things up.
  6. It sounds like everyone's assuming OP has three GPU outputs.

    Ya gotta start at the box with GPU outputs before you can work your way to a monitor.

    If he has to spend more then $0 I suggest he not use a tv because once he sees what the results are, it's going to suck. An old tv is the worst monitor you can view.
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    Thanks for all the helpful replies guys.....
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    I have a bunch of 15 inch flatscreens available for free if you pick them up in NYC. Maybe you can buy me a bottle of Grey Goo and a few RedBulls?

    You do realize you can find new 20" LCD's for $100 and change if you look around?