using multiple monitors with TDameritrade

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by professorkev, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone. Finally moved off my 19" monitor and onto a 26". So now I have two I'm working with. Using Tdameritrade, is there any way of placing graphs onto a second monitor as well? or the only way is to stretch the TD window the whole way?

    Alos, whats the largest monitor some people use for traidng? thought of doing the 26" but thought I'd like doing 2 24" before a 26".

    Wondering now if I should be using another trading program along with TDameritrade for following charts.
  2. You can stretch the window across two monitors. I use a tool called ultramon for managing multiple screens and has a button called "Maximize to Desktop" that works well. You also can take the charts and disconnect it from Strategydesk to it's own window.

    Hope this helps.
  3. thanks I'll have to loo into disconnecting them. I probably should be using a different program for charts. I'm checking into a few now.

    BTW, How many moniotors do you have going? I'm Loving this NEC 24" so much that I might replace my 2nd 19" with another one.
  4. I have 6 monitors. 2x22" per PC.

    TD Ameritrade has a good charting software that is free. Strategydesk is ok, not many built in indicators. But they have now Quotetracker for free. Quotetracker is a great program for charting and it connects directly to TD. Read reviews on this site under Software and you'll see many have had positive comments.
  5. Since you are using TD Ameritrade, you can use QUOTETRACKER for free. It has a tremendous charting package with all sorts of technical studies and user-friendly features.