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  1. I have some requirements for automated trading. I am a bit too lazy to learn C++ or Java - would rather spend time on the logic of the algo, than on the hardcore IT codes. My preference is to use something like Matlab for automated trading.

    There seems to be two alternatives from the net:

    (a) Exchange Systems, Inc (


    (b) Matlab Trader (

    Has anyone have had any experience using either of them?

    My focus is on US equities only at present. I would really appreciate if anyone can throw some light.

  2. Baywolf


    What exactly do you mean by "hardcore IT codes"?
  3. hardcore IT stuff = something that a person with a math or stat background may not be able to do. for instance, a person with a math or stat background is highly likely to have worked on matlab but not in c++/java etc.
  4. While I don't have experience with either of those it looks like you will get what you pay for. At 300 bucks a year I would assume that Matlab2IB product would give decent support and probly be the least hassle as far as writing/modifying API code.
  5. Keep this thread updated if you end up using either of these. I'm interested to know how you like it.
  6. domenic


    Using exchangeapi you are forced to only use their functions.

    If you write the code yourself than you can have whatever functionality that TWS API will allow for.

    I strongly suggest you write the code yourself, it's free and keeps a lot of doors open.

    for help visit
  7. zzt

    zzt just gives you examples of how to register and use an IB ActiveX object in MATLAB. Quick and v.easy to use
  8. spacewiz


    or just find a good freelancer/programmer who can implement your algorithms in a standard programming language (Java, C#, C++, etc...)
  9. StrategyDesk (TD Ameritrade Only), Cool-trade, Ninjatrader, Tradestation.
    Why bust your tail writing your own stuff?
  10. Hi domenic, i don't mind to write my own functions, but could someone help me to configure Matlab, TWS, and Java API?

    I added the path to com.ib.client in matlab javapathclass and i did import com.ib.client.* in a m-file.

    TWS is configured (socket is turned on) and running.

    I would just need a few lines to get started. Any help is more than welcome!

    Thanks a lot.

    clear all

    import com.ib.client.*;
    m_client = EClientSocket();
    m_client.eConnect('',7496, 0);

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