Using Macro automation software for trade execution

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by ljmlmvlhk, Jul 8, 2008.

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    I'm a retail end of day equities investor and trader.
    I wish to automate trading the exits, maybe later automating entries.

    For my own preferences I'm thinking that perhaps running a PC based Internet Macro Recorder / macro keystroke automation software might be ideal.

    I have designed a trading system whereby my Amibroker software generates buy and sell signals mechanically.
    The idea then being, a macro recorder would relay signals to my online broker, obviating the need for me to manually log onto the broker site and manually repetitively keying in my parameters.

    Has anyone experience with using macros and placing trades?
    Pros / Cons ?
    Any particular brand of macro software?
  2. look at macro express, not my own preferred way utilizing macros.
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    MacroExpress in my opinion is not ‘classy’ macro software, ie, it won’t do the job, doesn’t carry fully the features for more complex or reliable Internet scripting.

    IOpus is better in my opinion, working well with both IE and Firefox.

    The correct version to automate trading using Excel and form filling of an online broker is iMacros Scripting Edition US$499.

    For private use, a discount may be available, one can email iOpus sales and apply.

    There is a free version which is an add-on for Firefox.
    It can be used for auto form filling on the internet and is rated as one of the most popular add-ons for Firefox, however it too lacks the full features for what I’m attempting to accomplish.
  4. Instead of using Amibroker I would suggest using another software that you can create you trading system in and that has the ability to connect to your broker for automatic execution. This way there is no need to deal with creating macros for entering orders. Three I have just learned about recently are OpenQuant, NinjaTrader, and RightEdge.