Using Leverage in Stocks

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MingWu, Feb 8, 2007.

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    What is a good % of leverage to be used in your stock portfolio?

    50%, 30%, 15% ? and is there a math formula to calculate it?
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  3. If you're making money consistently, as much as you can get. If you're not, 0%
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    "as much as you can"

    How do i compute this using a formula?
  5. which formula u need?
    for which time frame u need leverage? day-trading, swing or what?
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    For swing and investing
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    help ?
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    Youre going to need to be more specific regarding your experience, techniques, and instruments you trade before you start getting any replies with advice. These are all important factors in deciding how much margin, if any, you need to use. Good Luck.
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    In your calculations,remember to figure in realistic scenerios.

    For example William O Neil [] uses less leverage , the older an uptrend is.
    a reliable balanced source of news, had some news on subprime lenders sinking like a submarine lately .NEW sunk -36% So if you use 50% , do the math before plunging in.

    Wisdom is profitable to direct