Using Interactive Broker to trade US stock

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Hero2008, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Hero2008


    I am new here so dont know did I post my thread at the right place.. Appreciate if you folks could help to advise.

    In USA mkt can we just buy 1 shares e.g. any stocks in Dow? Does Interactive broker allow us to buy 1 shares or they have limitation say minimum must buy 100 or 200? and the commission is still $1 (Bundled pricing) even if i just buy 1 share?

    Does Interactive broker offer the cheapest commission for US DOWS stocks?

    What is the difference between Bundled vs. Unbundled Pricing? I dont really understand, seem that Min fee for Bundled is just USD 1.00 For total unbundled commission will include IB unbundled, exchange, specialist, and transaction fees..

    Seem like if i just buy only 1 share e.g. 1 share for 15 different DOWS stocks each month, Unbundled Pricing is more economical..
    Am I right? Thks