Using IB's TWS Auto Future Rollover

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by mhashe, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. mhashe


    Did a search on ET and I could not find the answer to the following:

    Do I check the Configure > Misc > Auto Future Rollover feature and wait for TWS to prompt me?

    I have a ZN short postion that I want to rollover. According to IB , short positions have to rollover 2 hours before the end of open outcry trading on the business day prior to Last Trading Day (shorts) ( Which is 9/21 for the ZN (,3181,1082+TY+all+2005,00.html)

    IB says TWS will prompt me to rollover 8 days prior to expiration.(

    Is that 8 business days ie. 9/9, or is it 8 regular days ie. 9/13? More importantly can I rollover now without having to wait for TWS to send me a message or is liquidating and repositioning the the contract forward the only option. I called IB and the guy on the other end did'nt seem to have a clue. Hope someone can help out here.
  2. mcurto


    The "official" day of rollover was first notice day, the day in which december ten years became the front-month, and that was Wednesday, August 31st, 2005. If you do not plan on taking delivery there is absolutely no reason you should be holding your position beyond that point. Actually, you can roll your position well before first notice day. The spread and outright contracts have been incredibly volatile the last few days, no reason to wait until expiration unless you are holding a 50,000 contract position like the big boys.