Using IBM's quantum computer

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    Buried within Humpy's link is this talk by Dario Gil, VP of Science and Solutions at IBM, who explains in relatively simple terms what quantum computing is, why it is necessary (because of problems that traditional computers cannot ever solve), and how far along things are in the development. Fascinating stuff if you want a small glimpse of the future.

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    I'll believe in Quantum computers, when I get to Dev for 1, still sounds SciFi to me how can you code for something like that, how can you show all possible answers at once, too many questions, too many issues and not many like me believing the claims being made and they haven't backed up any claims either yet.
  4. You guys aren't using these for your HFT algos?

    ...pssh, good luck then.
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    BRB cracking bitcoin on the cloud
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    No matter how many videos I watch on quantum computing, it just doesn't really make sense to me. And, there are no functioning examples that have any significant buy-in / adoption. It would seem that even the earliest and most primitive examples of quantum computing should be able to do something cool and unique (in the real world) that is proof of concept. Yet, I find no examples of this. Only, theoretical discussions.
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    I don't think the technology is ready enough for that right now. So far, here's what we have:

    There’s now proof that quantum computers can outperform classical machines

    "The hype around quantum computing is real. But to fully realize the promise of quantum computing, it’ll still take a few years of research and scientific breakthroughs. And indeed, it still remains to be seen if quantum computers will ever live up to the hype. Today, though, we got mathematical proof that there are really calculations that quantum computers will definitely be able to perform faster than any classical computer. ..."
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    I hear, able to list every option to a scenario possible, first how do you teach it the variables, secondly when you get this dump of data, you've still got to go through each 1 and see if it's right, it's just generating a stupid list.

    Yes they've optimized the chips to make some functions faster, they've been doing that for years without Quantum or Neuron's so no biggy.

    Marketing hype until I see something real and cool.
  9. de Prado has a nice talk on quantum computing and finance.

    I thought all this was hype too but I am not on Marcos level.
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