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  1. Just started working with IB’s Excel DDE file. So far I’ve got it working in excel using their twsdde.xls file. My question is, can I create a sheet for each symbol and have the time and sale data go into ascending rows as it’s updated. Currently I have 1 row per Symbol that is updated. If I can get this date to update per row, is it then possible to run real time indicators ( moving avg, macd, cci) and possibly trigger alerts. Also how difficult would this be to do, as my macro experience is limited.

    Thanks a bunch in advance for all responses…
  2. Bob111


    you can create as many worksheets, as you need. you may put all stocks on which you want to store data on one worksheet, and refer them to each worksheet.
    if you know VBA or VB store data is very simple, but if you don't-it is complicated. i did this, but i store the data in Access. much easier and faster way.
    what you try to do? just store every minute somewhere? for how many stocks?
    as i understand,even if you store this data, you will need some code to create a chart.

    i know, if you have omega prosuite, then people build some kind of chain-> they get data from excel->put it in globalserver->display on chart and apply all indicators that you mentioned.
    this maybe can be better solution for you, since you knowlenge of vba is limited
    good luck!
  3. man, that is exactly what I want to do. I'm paying attention. I think the spreadsheet is processor intensive, though.

    If you want to pay up, this guy consults and seems to be fairly priced. If you use him, please keep us posted about the results.