Using IB Algos for limit orders

Discussion in 'Options' started by shorty735261, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. I'm trying to understand whether I could or should use IB algos for options trades. Let's say I want to purchase 50 contracts of a thinly-traded call with a bid/ask of 2.50/2.80. I would probably place a limit order at 2.60. If no seller bit, I would raise it to 2.70. After a few more minutes, I would give up and place a limit order at 2.80, which should guarantee at least a partial fill. If the fill is only partial, I might increase to 2.90 and then 3.00 to complete my desired purchase.

    The question is, can I use one of the IB algos to do this for me automatically? If so, which one is appropriate?

    The algos are described on the IB education site, but there's not enough info about how and why to use them.