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  1. Has anyone actually tried using esignal for order entry to interactivebrokers. Is it any faster than order entry through the IB trader workstation interface. Also how does it compare with bracket trader. "Apparently" esignal order entry can be customised to faciliate rapid order entry. Personally although I have esignal and IB I have not tried sending orders via esignal but I am currently thinking about. Personally I think that this may be better than using something like bracket trader because esignal has been a reliable piece of software (in my personal experience of course), and I have heard of quite a few problems from users of bracket trader, ninja trader and future-trader etc.

    Order entry is critical for traders and I would appreciate some enlightened thoughts on the above.

  2. I have try the eSignal order entry, but after sometimes I have seen that the interface is too cumbersome for quick move, and I have wrote myself a personal interface with the IB API. I have used a Windows feature for to keep on the top this windows, this allowing me to use eSignal without losing my order entry. This summer with the new eSignal v7.4 it will be possible to write a more integrated interface betwwen these product, because eSignal will have ActiveX control, this could help every trader to customize their product.

    Also, before to do this move, I have test some third party as BracketTRader, but these product don't give me the control that I would like to have for rapid move in stock trading.

    BTW, I have seen that eSignal should revamp order entry integration and add some new borkers with the release v7.4 due to this summer, maybe you could keep an eye on that.
  3. thanks for the reply north
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    eSignal can generate signals and code to have a program called DynaOrder issue an order to IB, and wait for the results, if any.

    I have done it and it works fine.