Using eSignal, can you plot the opening range?

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  1. Attached is a picture of the 3-minute chart of DIA (from eSignal). I have two red lines on the chart. They represent the opening range (here defined as the first 15 minutes off the open).

    Is it possible to write an .EFS file with eSignal that would allow me to plot the 15-minute opening range on a 3-minute chart in the same (or similar) way that I've drawn? I've played around with the EFS editor, but can't seem to figure out how to get what I want.

    I get to the point in the editor where it asks me what conditions I want to use. Well, I can define the hour (before 10am) and the minute (before :45), but then what? How do I tell the editor which of the first 5 bars is the highest (and lowest)? And then how do I tell the editor to draw some sort of line horizontally across the chart at those two levels?

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