Using Dial Up With TWS

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by donnap, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. donnap



    I'm out in the country and dial up internet seems to be the most reliable.

    So now I'm looking for the best dial up ISP. Juno was highly rated by one report.

    Anyone have a recommendation? Or possibly one to avoid?
  2. Bickz


    I use Earthlink. I like them, except for tech support. (95% Indians who don't know what you are talking about.)

    My brother uses Juno. I don't like it, he does. Juno is more limiting on their 'unlimited' hours -- kicking you offline more often and suspending your account if you use too many hours. Plus they make you install their special dialing utility which forces downloads of advertisement taking up bandwidth and potentially lagging you at the wrong time.

    Most dial-up services you get are going to be resold accounts anyway, using the same exact connections/numbers/equipment as their competitors. So most likely whoever you go with, its a good chance its going to be the same exact service, just like resold DSL.
  3. Overseas where? It might speed your connection a bit to use of IB's overseas servers instead of calling home.
  4. Bickz


    oops! OUT of the country... I'm sorry, I was distracted and missed that.

    I believe my Juno comment stands though.
  5. donnap said "out in the country" not "out of the country".

    Juno is not very good. Look for a local ISP in your area for the best dialup service. Do a search at for dialup service and ISP reviews.
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    haha... one of those days I guess.
  7. donnap


    Thanks guys.

    Thanks for the heads up on Juno and the info.

    I'm finding that country living has its challenges.