Using Cash Charts To Trade Emini Futures

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  1. Rwcwntly I started to make intraday trades using the 1 min and 3 min SPX.X CASH charts rather than the futures data itself. I am finding the information generated much more revealing for 10-30 min duration trades.Before I CANCEL all my futures data info I was wondering if someone could tell a good reason why having the futures charts themselves is important? THANKS
  2. I am just stepping in the emini "pit" as I have been trading them for less than 30 days so take this with a grain of salt.

    I would think the futures charts or at least quotes would be important so that you will know the prem on the futures.

    Also I would think that the cash could be a great indicator but if your trading the futures dont you at least want to see the futures?

    Just my two cents worth.(.0199 on Island)
  3. what is the symbol for the spx.x charts ? Or what is the official name for the spx.x charts?
  4. My opinion is that following the PREM is a guaranteed way to financial ruin since I cannot trade them from home.Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch EATS traders foolish enough to think they can trade the premium. My charting service uses the symbol SPX.X FOR THE SP 500 CASH INDEX. Also IB is my broker so I trade the futures based upon the bid/ask quotes shown on my TWS PLATFORM
  5. For Qcharts its INDEX:SPX.X
  6. Something to consider -

    Before you cancel your emini quotes, you might want to consider simultaneously using charts for the SPX, SPY and ES02U (or NDX, QQQ, and NQ02U) with their respective intraday support/resistance levels noted.

    The three are dynamically linked and sometimes you'll find that the overall price movement is behaving according to s/r on the cash index, sometimes on the ETF, and sometimes on the futures. Having the T&S on the futures is also useful.

    Also, if you use any studies or signals that use volume, you can't use them on the cash index.
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    BTW, you can get emini quotes updated every 15 seconds over quotetracker. The symbols are ES02U & NQ02U. Set the frequency to 0.25.

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    Listen to what ArchAngel says. He(or she) is right on. IMHO you need to watch ndx, spx, es, nq, djia, they all key off eachother. I don't keep track of QQQ or SPY but that also could be helpfull.

    I hear talk that cash leads futures or futures lead cash, etc. This is not true. They all work together. SPX cash may hit a support level and the others will bounce even if they didn't quite hit theres support exactly. and vice versa, ES may hit support and cause everything to bounce. Thats why you need to look at the whole complex.
  9. S&P cash is not a trading vehicle only a calculation of the 500 underlying stocks, I would never trade off the cash only , there is litttle info on short term crowd psychology, watch what you trade i.e ES .

    savage, which provider for the emini with QT?
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    set for indexes to update every 15 seconds
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