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  1. I'm familiar w/ the Genesis and am looking to do work w/ the sterling API.

    I'm reading the documenation and it looks like the documenation is mostly in VBA.

    It was so easy doing work in the Genesis API, as I received a bunch of .h and .cpp files, and I was able to see all the functions and what they did. I thought their API was actually well documented.

    Is using sterling w/ C++ doing to be tough? Are there .h & .cpp files to download in order to start a project?

  2. it's just COM if you want to use c++

    there is an example com app you can download on their sterlingtechnologies site
  3. ty for the response. I'm not really sure what COM is as I'm not to programming savvy. I just started w the Genesis API C++, picked up a C++ book and built a trading application out of that.

    Is it going to be hard to take my existing C++ code and translated it into sterling considering it's mainly written in VBA? How would I even begin to do that.
  4. the VBA example for sterling actually imports a com object as a reference.

    c++ can use com as well, and there is a c++ example of this with sterling.

    but yes in general you will not find the sterling api anything like genesis. it's going to be more than a 1hr project.
  5. Is it worth it doing it by FIX? I don't know much about it, but would wonder if that would be easier.

  6. fix might actually be more time consuming, bc every vendor implements FIX slightly differently, sometimes even in same version of FIX.

    I don't know anybody who uses sterling for fix.

    if you need level2 though you would probably have to go that route bc their proprietary api does not provide l2.
  7. so the guys who are using the sterling API and doing monster volume... you think they are doing it w/ FIX?
  8. Hi, I'm at this website
    and I don't see an example in C++. Do you know where I can get that?

  9. the c++ version is under 'project examples', activeX project sample is what you're looking for.
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    Is there anyone actually writing C++ on Sterling? I couldn't get accuate quote by C++.
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