Using a voice recorder while trading

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    Has anyone ever used a voice recorder to track their thoughts as they're placing trades? I thought it might be a good idea to review it later to see where you're making mistakes. I imagine it's too time consuming to do it for more than a week or so. Plus it might get distracting having to hit the start and stop buttons all the time.
  2. I know I'd sound like Linda Blair after she gets sprayed with some holy water. :D
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    You saying that even George Carlin's ears would be burining after replaying a recording of yours?

  4. I know people who have used video cameras to capture what they're doing, saying, and what the market is doing all at the same time. Seemed effective for them....

    -The New Guy
  5. For this, I highly recommend Camtasia and a PC with a microphone. You can record your screen whether it is your charting screen or trading platform and actually make a comment about why you took the trade, why your stop is where it is, etc. You can later watch these again or burn them on CD. You can get about 3 days per DVD player depend on how much of the screen you are recording. I would say that this is one of the most useful tools out there.

    I record my TT screen and then can set my CQG charts into training mode to replay as if market is open. I can then see what happened. I have not capitalized on it as much as I need to. Camtasia is well worth the cost.
  6. this is really a good idea since trading is more about controlling your self than most other things. a mirror would be a good idea too; i have one near me and sometimes i am surprised by the level of concentration/stress in my face.
  7. LOL. I have no doubt I'd quit trading if I did that.....

    -The New Guy
  8. Get someone knowledgeable to work with you and do two things.

    1. video with sound

    2. Let the person ask you questions.
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    I use this, but it slows down my computer considerably. What sort of system setup do you have, or do you record with some options turned down?

  10. What's the specs of your system that your using Camtasia on ???

    How many monitors and what programs are open at the same time Camtasia is open ???

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