using 3 or 4 regular ati cards

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by giladbi, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. giladbi


    can i use with win xp 3 pci display cards insted of using one with 3 exits?
    someone told me it can be done under xp (up to 9 cards)
    it's much cheaper than buying the maxtor
    please advice
  2. nitro


    You can do it, but the problem is with enough empty slots and not having any conflicts with other slots.

    Most motherboards don't have three free slots.

  3. coast


    You can use three PCI cards in WinXP as long as the cards are multimonitor compatible. I use three ATI Radeon 7000 PCI cards with XP.

    Check this link for multimonitor information.

  4. gnome


    That is correct. Several of the nVidia cards are also compatible with ATIs in multi-card setups... I'm currently running one such now.
  5. make sure the pci cards are xp compatible. some of the older ones aren't.
  6. i have the same problem i have a pci gefroce 5200 and am running 2 monitors on the card. i had to disable the video card that came with the computer. i put in another pci video card to have a 3rd monitor but it won't work.
  7. Banjo


  8. Banjo


    If you scan for updates here it will show driver updates also. I use ati cards and it found ati driver updates that xp wanted. My cards are radeon 7000 32's (agp dual and pci duals) that I've been using with 98/win2k/xp pro.
  9. le140


    I put in 2 nvda mx400 cards and 1 dual nvda agp to setup 4 monitors on XP pro and it was very much plug and play :)
    the only thing I have to play around with is the screen settings for different monitors.

    I have read somewhere to use all cards from the same vendor to avoid conflicts.

    good luck,