using 2 video cards for 3 monitors?

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  1. Is this possible?

    I have a dual monitor MATROX card that I just purchased that is set up with 2 LCDs...

    I got my hands on an extra monitor that I would like to use also. If I hgave an extra port or PCI slot (terminology?) can I use my current matrox card with an older single monitor card at the same time to get the desired 3 monitors?

    I am trying to avoid buying a triple card b/c the price jumps a lot, and the dual would be wasted..

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    In general, yeah this should work. Sometimes though, there are conflicts between the two cards if they are from different manufacturers.

    I just realised I posted this in software, please move to hardware when you have a chance..

  4. I've used Matrox(AGP) with 2nd cards(PCI) driven by either Nvidia or ATI without a problem on ME or win2000 OS's.
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    I have 3 monitors on 2 cards.

    There have been a couple of threads dealing with the problems and their solutions posted within the last few months. Just do a search for multi-monitor or matrox or something like that.
  6. me too.
  7. thanks guys.. I actually just found the other threads regarding this issue, but thanks for ther responses..

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  8. I am tempted just to buy another cheap dual matrox card that way I can up it to 4 monitors if need be in the future..

    Is there any speical thing I have to do to link the matrox cards together or have them communicate with each other...?

    or is it as simple as inserting the cards, drivers and plugging 'em in
  9. Windows does all the work. Just plug-n-pray, er, play
  10. I have 2 LCDs running on a Dual G550 AGP using the (digital) DVI and a CRT running off a single PCI card (an old Voodoo3 3000). No problems with the video but I do have soundcard issues now, since the PCI video card is on the same bus as the soundcard.

    Looking at Creative's message boards this is a very common problem, so I may look to go with a quad-head AGP in the future.
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