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    US Futures Exchange

    I got an email (junk) about this new exchange that trades spot equivalent currency futures. Says it is better than spot because as they put it:

    USFE Spot Equivalent Futures (SEFs). SEFs replicate spot foreign exchange markets in a U.S. regulated exchange environment. Pricing is similar to cash FX, but you get the customer protections and transparency of a regulated U.S. futures exchange.

    Has anyone heard of this "new futures exchange"?
  2. Anyone have any further info/experience with this?

    Looks interesting but I suppose it all depends on how well it catches on...
  3. It's been trading, particularyly the Euro contract. Markets look like they are almost always 1-2 pips wide. Price is identical to SPOT, even though technically it is a future. The CME tried this 25 years ago and called it "rolling spot". It's pretty cool, spot prices on a futures platform, and in mini-fx size.
  4. Any idea on the commission per contract for the Euro?

    I like the idea of a 50,000 contract as opposed to the 125,000 on the Globex Allows for a little more flexibility in the MM.