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    trumpists are desperate.

    Their ass is burning so much that they can't find relief.

    They humiliated themselves globally. The world is laughing at their face. Most countries in the planet were happy when fat blondy went back to play golf... Capitol Hill riot was an embarrassment of the highest level, a stain that will remain forever.
    America lost credibility thanks to trump supporters.

    People could accept a spoiled, reallity TV pedo's friend motherfucker who would fuck his daughter and state it publicly on live TV... Who is also a business loser. People around the world might show empathy for such an oxygen waste.

    But people have no empathy for idiots who follow him... The idiocy we have seen was unprecedented even for a county like the United States.

    tumpist are worst than covid. Their hate, racism, idiocy and stupidity are contagious.
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    I never liked any politicians... Globally.
    Most of them are nasty human beings, who are pretty useless at doing anything but lying with a smile. Practically useless in real life.

    trump is the epitome of this useless bunch.
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    But...JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!