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Discussion in 'Events' started by Baron, Apr 11, 2002.

  1. Baron

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    One idea I thought of recently is to incorporate user-generated stock scans into the site as a new feature at Elite Trader. Since some of you do nightly scans for stocks that meet certain technical criteria anyway, I thought it would be cool if there was a way to share the results of some of those scans with other users. If I could get say, four or five people to commit to contributing scans on a regular basis, I would be willing to put the effort into building a web-based system to allow those people to quickly and painlessly enter their scan results for immediate publishing on the site.

    Obviously, the scans would be more focused toward swing trades than they would be for intraday scalps, but I still think they could be useful for everybody, if for no other reason than to generate some interesting discussion. So if anybody would be interested in contributing some scan results, please let me know.
  2. nkhoi


    rather than building scaner yourself, why not using a bunch of top rate scaner together to produce a list of stocks that passed all criteria:
  3. Thats a great idear! I would be intrested in posting my end of day TA setups.
  4. Baron

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    I got a private message from another user indicating they would be willing to contribute as well. I need a few more people though.

    Any takers?
  5. I'm game. Although I may not do it EVERY night, I would be happy to post when available.
  6. tuna


    Baron i don't have any special scan that's worthy of putting on the frontline,but if people can come up with what they want to see i don't mind helping out.
    Not real sure which it is your looking for.
  7. Zhuge


    Good idea, I scan for stocks every eod, and will put my best picks for tomorrows play.

    This coming monday, market may be moving back up, but if it doesn't then I have plays for short and buys.

    My target for shorting will be in the energy sector.
    KEG , below support 10.50

    NOI, has support 23

    OEI, support 19

    For the buy picks, I have:

    ACS, breaking out from its sideway channel, on daily chart

    SUP, support 50

  8. At first I thought this thread was about scan writing, but rereading it I see its about scan selections, for swing trades, so for what it's worth:

    MWY Long-Big volume and run up 21 days ago, consolidating, small gap up Friday, could breakout.

    THOR For Bottom Pickers-Bowl type consolidation, riding along the bottom.

    MYK Long-Gap up 11 days ago and again 14 days ago, closed higher Friday and might have some upside left.

    In the interest of disclosure(no mentioned that) I have a position in MWY and MYK.

    Good luck.
  9. Banjo


    XAL.X, airline sector has a nice chart, potential plays for watchlist: U, DAL,UAL,LUV,CAL
    On the short side XOI.X sector has a miserable chart. With Venezuela back on line and Powell in talks it may have further dowside. I usually play these as a basket but my watchlist favs here would be OXY, AHC.
  10. Banjo


    CAL has eps Mon before the open, will affect the sector. Dal eps Tues.
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