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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by clooch, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. clooch


    I've inquired about automating my trading system and have been pointed towards trade programmers for them to automate it for me.

    Although I appreciate the recommendations, is there not a user-friendly automation program out there that a regular trader could not utilize and punch in the parameters him/herself. The program would need to be reactive to current market conditions in terms of risk:reward, percentage of retracement, and some predetermined parameters determining a profit target.

    I would appreciate any help.

    Thank you in advance
  2. This might exist if you're using a simple MA crossover strat or something. But it's most likely you've got your own little twist. Check out NinjaTrader though, they let you parameterize some of the simple stuff and appears to be 3rd party support you might be able to access other things from.
  3. Tums


    Most auto-trade capable programs have "Wizards"... basically a point and click to select your criteria menu.

    You can do a lot with Wizards, if your requirement is not too complicated.
    e.g. buy when Stoch cross over 50 AND MACD trending up.
  4. clooch


    System does not use any technical indicators. It is based on market action only.
  5. Tums


    Alternatively, you can try to learn the easy to learn EasyLanguage.

    It is an English-like programming language specially designed for trading purposes.

    If you can articulate your logic in English (written on a piece of paper), you are half way to have your program coded.
  6. dmabe


    The trading robots from Trade-Ideas are about as user friendly as you can get while still being quite powerful and customizable.

    They've been posting some videos of their robot in action recently. Here's one and another.
  7. nothing will work for 100% of people otherwise everyone would use it.

    99% of the platforms provide you some examples that you can then customize to some extent or another.

    if you're looking for gui-based customization, wealth-lab is good.

    tradestation has a lot of pre-canned strategies out there from others you can strip from, language is pretty easy.

    tradelink is free and comes with examples
  8. clooch


    I've had offers to help with automation but prefer the do-it yourself approach. Are there any programs that I can purchase or download that do not rely upon an internet website for access

    Thank you inadvance
  9. how are you going to trade without internet access?

    if you're talking about backtesting, many of the programs will backtest using local data and don't require an internet connection. (eg tradelink works like this for any historical/tick testing, as does neoticker, wealthlab will let you cache OHLC files, I believe ninjatrader will work with local OHLC files as well).