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  1. I have been searching for less known trading tools that can be very useful and can assist in developing trading strategies. My search does not include charting or trade execution tools because these do not really help you to develop strategies. I have been looking for effective tools along the lines of back-testing, scanning and trading system analysis, including those based on artificial intelligence , neural nets, genetic programming, etc. I have found out that there are some tools that are not very well-known or discussed in forums maybe because of lack of advertizing or maybe because of their high price tag. One of them that I came accros is Trading System Lab and although it appears to target hedge funds its functionality is quite interesting and I am seriously thinking of investing some time and money to develop something along these lines, even with limited functionality, for my own personal use, with the help of a programmer of course.

    Your input, ideas and experiences along the lines of useful trading tools other than charting and trade execution platforms would be appreciated.
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  3. I found a couple of good tools on the front page of this Stock Trading Site. They include some indices i couldn't find anywhere else
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  9. haha yeah i think i am gonna need it. i just started trading a month ago and i am trying to learn all i can really fast, but i know i will be losing a lot of money at first.
  10. Pessimism isn't an "asset" in the market. Focus on and imagine being profitable. That should "feel" better. :cool:
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