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    Dear ET members. Our research team has come up with a concept that I would like to ask your opinion about. This is not a solicitation of any business or a promotion of any sort as the product that I will describe does not exist yet. The development of this product will probably cost us anywhere between 0.5 – 1 million dollars so I need to be reasonably sure that it will be a viable and useful tool for a trader. I have never done this in the past so I would love to hear your opinion and will be grateful for any comments whether they are nice or nasty! We did have a marketing survey done on a group of people (100 – 200) and had very favorable results, but some how I don’t trust those results as they may be biased. So, I need your help.

    The product that we are thinking of is a portable decision making support, execution, and charting platform that would reside in any PDA or a large screen cell phone (the application is not platform dependant). It would do sentiment analysis, technical analysis and charting in real time for a portfolio of securities (about 200 max). The application would be able to connect to any brokerage house and execute trades through your broker on your account. The system will provide real time level 1 quotes for up to 200 securities. Below I attached screen shuts of the application. We are thinking of charging fees for this app. of $9.95 per month or so through the phone providers (At&T, Rogers, Verizon, etc.). I don’t want to say anything else as I am not sure yet of any more details. Please respond to this post and thank you for your help.

    Below is the firs screen shot: - sentiment of traders’ analysis.


    Charting screen


    Execution screen


    account info screen
  5. ozzy


    1) Looks great!
    2) Are you based in Vancouver?
    3) Are you hiring? I'm an EE and love anything related to trading.
    4) I'm moving to BC and might be looking for work there.


  6. JayS


    Will you include futures & fx or just stocks?

    Looks nice.


    Thanks. We are in Toronto. Yes, we are hiring people to develop this App. You can send your resume to


    Yes. There will be stocks, futures, FOREX and options
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    maestro - looks nice. will i need 36 mobiles to make it work :D

    only kidding.

    from my experience before trading ( i worked in the commercial dept of a few software companies), it seemed clear that good marketing and sales channels beat product design and technology hands down every time, so i'd focus on that. (msft prime example)

    personally, id never use a pda for trading, unless i was managing a long term position and had to go out. im trying to say i wouldnt personally make decisions when i was out & about, unless they were pre determined orders. eg adjusting an eod stop or something.

    how about something real simple like an order entry system and alarm if a level is achieved?

    this looks like some day trading device??

    i take it youve obviously done a bit of research into other similar products, so i guess youve sussed out there must be a market.

    perhaps this sort of thing will be for the wannabe trader (no disrespect to your product) who wants to seem flash harry in the bar? so what! as long as it sells!!!!

    good luck either way and hope this helps.
  10. for a person that trades on so many monitors, i find if humorous that you are developing a handheld mobile device.

    The product "looks" great, but the true test is how easy it is to use and how it performs.

    although I am currently on the sidelines observing the market, I don't foresee myself using such a produce when I do enter into the market.
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