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  1. Gregk


    I used to trade pit Soybeans and Wheat (SU10 and WU10 for example), and now it seems that most of the volume is with the electronic contracts (ZSU10 and ZWU10 for example). Is this correct? If I am trading intraday, should I be looking at the electronic contracts?

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  3. Gregk


    Are there any contracts where volumes are better in the pit? Oil? SP? Is there a difference between the bid/ask spread for pit traded contracts vs electronic ??

    Thanks for your help.
  4. bid ask is better on the screen in basically all ags. Maybe some of the meat contracts have better pit volume, but why do you care about the pit. ITS DEAD. Thats how i lost my job.
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  6. If you really used to trade in the pit you wouldn't be asking half these questions or make mistake of sept beans.
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  8. He said he used to trade pit beans,not that he traded IN the pit :D
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