Used to be when DELL and CSCO sold off, so goes tech.

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  1. Not anymore, nasdaq futures off 1 pt.

    Can some explain this. the only thing i can think of is the public is buying and hedgies are short already.
  2. You have to look at fair value. It's +11.45 so they are down 12.

    Barely any volume and it won't budge. Trading range since 230 am

    Oil above 66.

    People are still believing the apologists and cheerleaders.

    Short term rates going up and long term rates going down.

    Anything the mkt can view as being mildly positive that's what it decides to focus on to justify not selling.
  3. Ive been at this for 10 years and now ive seen everything.
  4. Many semis that posted the last 2 weeks were + a penny in earnings but their revenues were up single digits yty, they rallied also.

    There is either some heavy distribution going on during these rallies or everything is rosy and dow 15000 is coming.

  5. Its a farewell party for Greenspan the serial bubble blower. This bid will remain for the rest of 2005, all economic data will be rosy, the fed will declare victory, and Greenspan will go down in the history book as a hero. Its so obvious.
  6. That's good man. Play price, have no expectations, and you're on your way. Yesterday was a perfect example. Hmmm, crude is up, it's 2:30 pm, and the market is not going down. Buy buy buy!
  7. If you have "been at this for 10 years" you should be aware that leaders dont stay leaders forever. Those two stocks are dogs...have been for the last 3 years
  8. youre right. CSCO and DELL and MSFT and INTC have nothing to do with the health of the technology market.

    I think it is TASR, NFLX, GOOG and BIDU for now.

  9. yes fine...


    if those 2 stocks were both ++++10%

    you know darn well the market would be rockin straight up!!

    (only good earnings count toward indexes)
  10. i gotta put you on the ignore list, but i will remember your eloquent posts.
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