Used network equiptment & Servers?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by schlepers, Aug 14, 2002.

  1. Does anybody know of any trading firms that went belly up and are selling Sun servers, Cisco router, network equipment, etc... for very good prices? Trading firms would be very good.

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    Even better than dead trading firms is dead dot coms. There were so many sun servers and cisco routers for sale on ebay in the last year that some analysts were actually projecting that it would affect the company's numbers.

    Would you pay $25,000 for a server when you can buy a one year old one on Ebay for $3000? They don't wear out that fast.
  3. I tried looking on Ebay and there wasn't much there. Any other resources for Suns, routers, network equipment? Any business auctions with network equipment?
  4. is heavily into business auctions of the type you mention. I've never used them, but they do handle a fair number of office liquidation auctions. You might also see if any local colleges/universities/schools have surplus auctions. The stuff at edu institutions will be older stuff, but the prices are often excellent.

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  5. Well, this won't be of too much help to you in answering your specific question, I'm afraid... But for your information, be aware that Cisco (and maybe some others) re-purchase or takes in trade a lot-- as much as they can-of the routing used equipment and destroys it outright. This precisely to prevent a strong paralllel market in second-hand equipment.

    On the question of servers, you'll have to be careful. Sure, you could find used Sun servers out there, but you'll have to run Sun software on it. This could be a can of worm. Will you have to buy the software? Will it run the stuff you want to run on it? Are your admins familiar with it? Moreover, if you're going to run database software on it, will the hardware tie you to certain software vendors? Sure, you could save one thousand bucks on the box, but what then if you have to pay 25K a year to Oracle for the db sofware? :)

    At the price that you can buy new computers and components nowadays, you might be able to purchase brand new boxes that are actually more powerful than the used equipment, at a comparable price. Even from Sun itself; they aren't doing too good at the moment...

    What I'm saying here is: start first by determining your software needs, and shop the boxes around it (very, very carefully...).