Use Tradestation to trade futures in International Exchanges

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by manyit, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. manyit


    Can I use Tradestations as a broker to trade futures in Hong Kong, Singapore, etc? I like to trade Nikkei 225 index in SGX [Singapore Exchange]. Tradestation has a commission schedule for it but no other info.

    Anyone is trading Nikkei 225 with Tradestation? Would you please share your experience?

    Thank you.

  2. e-miNY


    The reason there is no info is because u cant do it. Sorry!
  3. >manyit

    I asked Tradestation the same thing 9 months ago.
    They said it was in their plans, but it might take another
    year or so.

    You can trade the Nikkei on the Osaka exchange with
    IB. Also the Mini-Nikkei.
  4. manyit


    Thanks. Knowledgable friends. I am using IB now. Just thinking to consolidate the trading platform and TA together. :>

    Thanks again.
  5. >manyit

    >>Just thinking to consolidate the trading platform and TA >>together. :>

    One thing you could do is combine eSignal and IB as a trading platform by placing your orders to IB through eSignal.
  6. manyit


    Currently, I am using IB with Amibroker. It seems not a good combination. Hmmm... Since I trade Nikkei and the data feed from IB is free, is it good to use eSignal? I think I have to pay for the data feed then... If I am right.