Use Sierra Chart and Get Unlimited Commission-Free Trading

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    You Have Flexible Options for Using Sierra Chart at Tradovate

    Do you like to use Sierra Chart for charting only and execute on another platform or do you prefer to use Sierra for both charting and trading? At Tradovate, you can do both, so pick the one that works best for you!

    Traders using Sierra Chart at Tradovate get:
    • Unlimited commission-free trading. No hidden fees or catches; just simple, transparent pricing
    • NEW - Monthly billing option for extra convenience to manage your Tradovate membership plan
    • Option to use Sierra Chart for charting and Tradovate‚Äôs platform for trading with full access to downloadable versions for both Windows and Mac, web for Google Chrome and others, and mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android - all included at no extra cost
    • Market replay in Tradovate to watch and trade a previous session with unfiltered tick data and full market depth with no bulky data download
    • $500 day trading margins for E-mini S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Dow & Mini-Russell 2000
    • No volume requirements
    • $1,000 account minimum
    • No inactivity fees

    Futures and options trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.​
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  2. xandman


    That is incredible.

    1) Do you offer SPAN Margins on Futures spreads?

    2) Do you offer SPAN Margins on Futures Options spreads?
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    We currently support outright futures only and will look to add futures spreads and options in the future based on customer interest. We will certainly let you know when these are available.

    One benefit to note when using Sierra Chart for both trading and charting is that all trade activity conducted on Sierra Chart is visible in Tradovate's platform as well, so you can monitor your account using a PC or Mac, log in with Chrome or another browser, or on-the-go with mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. This is included at no extra cost.
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  4. Futures options would definitely be a big plus.
  5. algofy


    Why is the $129 per month required just to use Sierra considering the user also has to pay Sierra directly for the lic and has to pay an additional $12 a month fee to you? Seems odd please explain.
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    The $129 per month is for your commission-free plan and replaces the per-trade commissions that you pay at other brokers.

    The $12 per month fee was a cost that we incur, since Sierra Chart does not connect to Tradovate's trading system, and intended to pass along. However, we heard from traders who are interested in using Sierra Chart at Tradovate that they did not like this extra fee, so we took their feedback into consideration and decided to simply remove it.

    At Tradovate, we listen to traders and have made it part of our mission to remove extra costs from futures trading, so we are happy to make this decision quickly to deliver more value and better pricing.
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  7. Wondering if full Sierra chart functionality is enabled...Specifically, can traders still use the Sierra DTC Server for interfacing their own systems to execute and receive trade data from Sierra?
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    Yes, Sierra's DTC server is supported.
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  9. CBC


    If Dorman is the FCM why can't you enable options straight away? you guys are just an IB for Dorman, Dorman pulls all the strings.