use RAN to trade futures options?

Discussion in 'Options' started by increasenow, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. anyone use RAN to trade futures options? I am wondering if it works well to trade electronic (not pit traded) futures options or just better to phone in my futures options trades?
  2. Using RAN to trade futures options is like using a horse and buggy to go to the store. Phoning in orders is just as dated. I have never had a problem using IB TWS to trade any futures options combination.
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    Please elaborate, what exactly is the disadvantage of RAN?
  4. You cannot trade ANY options spreads. RAN does not update in real time--you have to constantly click the refresh button. You do not even know if/when you trades are accepted or canceled or executed, for the system is delayed. Quotes are delayed. All portfolio data is delayed. Believe me, I used it for about 4 months, and it was hell. Like I said above, it's like comparing a horse and buggy to a ferrari.
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    I see, thanks, but futures and futures spreads are ok? Any idea why this is?
  6. Most brokers only offer RAN for futures option trading. For futures, the broker will typically offer a superior platform.
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    Open E Cry is a damn fine platform to trade options; both pit and electronic options
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    i think ran is the best for option on futures
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    The vast majority of options on futures, especially all those offered through the CME, are traded electronically now. I really don't see a reason to use RAN to go to the pit.

    Only exception might be serial months for the softs, but considering the wider spread in all of those commodities... you should beg/borrow/steal your way into trading directly with a pit broker via give-up.