Use Prison labor to replace offshored chinese production.

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  1. So instead of an iPad made in china via Foxconn, it would be made in the US in a prison factory.

    This is a win in many ways.

    #1 We bring back critical industrial production (would suck to go to war and not have factories to produce war needs)

    #2 The high tech aspects of modern factories (Automation computers robots etc..) will bring back those high white collar salaries to the US

    #3 Prisons will be self funding instead of taxpayer funded since they will now become a profit center.

    #4 We no longer borrow and export dollars to china.

    So instead of having Prisoners playing pool,watching TV and having anal sex they would be building products like TV sets,computers,ipads,turbines etc..
  2. American prisoners are freaking lazy. iPhone would cost $2K if made in US prisons.
  3. I recall an article from a couple years back, I think some prisons do this. But they are call centers, not factories or production. So it's kind of the same idea, but probably replacing India or the Philippines.
    from article:
    'Federal Prison Industries advertises its call centers as "Domestic outsourcing at offshore prices." '
  4. Works well for North Korea!
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    I've never understood why you would just have 3 million able bodied men, laying around watching TV all day. They should without a doubt, send all non-violent offenders to work camps. Make them as productive as possible, even though the vast majority would make Union workers seem like workaholics.
  6. simply can't be done

    That is a pretty good point, however, Chinese prisoners have been making products to export to US, and US commerce department has complained many times. Even if US prisoners make products without pay, the US will not win on the war of prisoner-made products. First, US prisoners claim Human Rights even if they killed someone, raped woman. They have to be treated well, eating steak, fish, even shrimp. What a Joke! In Chinese prison, every prisoner has to finish their workload every day, otherwise, they will be punished, they are only fed a little rice to keep them alive, Human Rights? Second, US prisoners enjoy cold air in summer and heater warmth in winter, living in beautiful building, plus the prison officer paid at $50,000; Chinese prisoners just work in the farm or in rundown polluted factory under the gun point, the officer only makes $3000 a year, and you have to have connections to get this kind of job. No way to win.
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    if the incentive was 50% gain time you would most definitely find some bodies to work...
  9. That's pretty funny = "living in beautiful building" - almost all prisons I have seen (on TV and driving by - not inperson!) are very boxy, ugly, hard steel, etc. Maybe Madoff's wasn't. I do agree with the sentiment that U.S. prisoners are often treated way too well.

    I also feel if they were given some incentive to work harder such as less time, there would be some prisoners willing to do this work, etc. On the other hand, should we really allow someone to be a murderer for example, then work hard making IPads and get off in a lot less time?

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    Bad consequences. You guys read about the Judge taking kickbacks for sending kids to jail? He was getting money just for volume, were not even talking about slave labor. Would not end well, heh. But i do think many prisons make them work, license plates etc. So there is a form of this already in place.
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